Common Questions About Posting Bail

Common Questions About Posting BailIf you find yourself needing a bail bond in order to get a loved one released pending their court dates it is likely the first time you'd have to do so. No doubt you'll have a few questions about bail bonds, such as what exactly they are and how they are used. These commonly asked questions about bail bond will help you get the answers your need, but be sure to reach out to a qualified bail bond agent should you have any others or to request a bail bond.

Q. What is a bail bond?

A. A bail bond is a bond that guarantees a sum of money in the case that the person released from jail does not appear at court. The bond is a legal agreement between the indemnitor, who is the person initiating the bail process for the person that is locked up, the bail agency and the jail or court. It is the indemnitor that will be held financially liable for the full bond amount if the defendant does not appear in court at their scheduled time and place.

Q. Is collateral necessary for bail bonds?

A. If a bond requires the agency to lend an amount of money deemed substantial it may be required that the bond to be backed up by collateral. Properly qualified applicants often do not need to use collateral, which can include, jewelry, real estate titles, vehicles and more.

Q. As the indemnitor, what are my responsibilities?

A. The indemnitor is the co-signer of the bail bond. When you sign the bail bond you become financially responsible for the defendant's actions. This means if they skip their court date you'll need to pay the bail amount, or release the interest of the collateral to the bond agency in order to pay it. You may also be subject to paying for fees surrounding the effort to locate the runaway defendant.

Q. Is this service discreet?

A. A qualified bail bond agency will work hard to ensure the privacy of their clients, ensuring confidentiality.

Q. When can a bail bond be posted?

A. Professional agents should be available 24/7 to answer any questions and begin the bail process so that your friend or family member can be released as soon as possible!

Q. How much does a bail bond cost?

A. The cost of bail should be 10 percent of the total bail cost to post the bond.

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