Common Types of Bail Bonds

Common Types of Bail BondsWhen it comes to getting someone released from jail it is important to note that as long as they are eligible for bail, you can use a bail bond to get them out. People may be deemed ineligible for bail by a judge based on a few factors, including their flight risk, their criminal history and the threat they pose to society. The following aren't exactly different types of bail, but they detail the most common charges in which a bail bond may be issued to get the defendant released prior to their court date.

DUI Bail Bond

A person arrested for driving under the influence will need to be released with a DUI bail bond. It is important to get a person released as soon as possible following a DUI arrest so that they can get the legal help they need.

Drug Possession Bail Bond

If someone you care about has been arrested for drug possession it is likely that they may have an addiction issue. Instead of letting them suffer from behind bars be sure to post their bail so they can get the legal assistance necessary for their case that will hopefully allow them to seek treatment, rather than be subject to more time behind bars.

Misdemeanor Bail Bond

Misdemeanors are crimes that are generally non-violent. This may include vandalism, petty theft, certain vehicular crimes and verbal assault. Most misdemeanor crimes carry relatively low bail amounts, especially for first time offenders.

Felony Bail Bond

Felony crimes include the harshest crimes, such as kidnapping, robbery, weapons charges, grand theft, larceny, fraud, rape and murder. A person facing felony charges is likely to need immediate assistance from a highly regarded lawyer, something they may not have proper access to from behind bars.

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