Affordable Michigan Bail Bonds

Affordable Michigan Bail BondsHaving to post bail for a friend or relative is never a fun thing to do and if you have never had to go through the process before it can be quite daunting. For this reason it is important that you shop around for a bail bond to ensure you get the personalized service that you deserve during this trying time. A professional bail agency should strive to offer only the finest customer service, so that you are completely comfortable posting bail for your loved one. Here are a few of the top traits of a friendly and affordable bail bond agency.

24 Hour Bail Bond Services

Many times an arrest will occur at a time that is not exactly convenient for all parties involved, if there ever is such a time. To ensure that your friend or relative is released in a timely manner a bail agency should be available 24 hours a day to begin the bail process.

All Types of Bail Bonds Available

No matter what charges your loved one is facing, an expert bail agency can assist by posting a bail bond for any amount. This includes felony bail bonds, misdemeanor bail bonds, DUI bail bonds, drug possession bail bonds and any other charges that have been brought against them as they await their court dates.

Affordable Bail Bond Rates

Having to post bail for someone usually isn't something that a person budgets for. To ensure that you don't break the bank, a bail agency should offer the most affordable bail bond rates possible, usually about 10 percent of the total bail amount.

Flexible Payment Plans

To make posting bail even more convenient and affordable a bail agency should accept numerous payment options. This includes paying for bail bonds with credit cards, cash, cashier's checks or using collateral, if necessary.

When you need to post bail in Michigan reach out to AAA Bail Bond Agency. We provide bail bonds in Detroit, Grand Rapids, and throughout the state. We strive to keep our services as affordable as possible to ensure that you can be reunited with your loved one. To request a bail bond in Michigan reach out to our team, day or night, by calling (586) 501-8944 and we will be happy to help.

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