FAQ: Bail Bonds

FAQ: Bail BondsIf you've been contacted by a friend or family member who's been arrested and is asking for help getting out of jail, you're likely to have many questions. You'll want to know what happened, but also have questions about how you can help them with their request. Perhaps the best method of getting someone released from jail is to use a bail bond. If you have any questions about how a bail bond works or what you need to do to get a friend released, don't hesitate to contact a professional bail bond agency.

What's bail?

When a person is arrested they will be sent before a judge to hear the charges against them and find out what their bail is set at? This amount must be paid in order to have the defendant released from jail as they await their future court dates. Bail is a right that is afforded to all offenders, but bail could be denied if a judge deems the defendant a flight risk or a threat to the community. Bail could be set anywhere from $50 to a million or more, depending on the charges and the defendant's criminal history.

What's a bail bond?

A bail bond can be used to post bail without having to pay the entire bail amount. The bond must be issued by a professional bail bond agency and acts a legal contract between yourself, the bail agency and the local court system. A bond will generally cost about 10 percent of the total cash bail amount.

What are my responsibilities if I post someone's bail?

If you post bail for a loved one you'll first be responsible for paying any associated fees to begin the bail process. After the defendant is released you will also take responsibility for their whereabouts while they await their court date. It is also up to you to ensure they make it to all of their scheduled court appearances. If they miss a court date a warrant could be issued for their arrest.

Who is eligible for bail?

Anyone that's been arrested and has had already gone through their initial bail hearing conducted (or in some jurisdictions had their bail set by a bail schedule) is eligible for bail. As mentioned, some people may be denied bail if they are a risk to society or if the judge believes they'll flee.

How much does a bail bond cost?

The cost of a bail bond is usually around 10 percent of the total bail amount. The cash bail amount will be set based on the charges against the defendant, and in many cases the defendant's criminal history and other factors will be considered when bail is set.

How do I post bail in Michigan?

If you need to post bail in Detroit or throughout Michigan reach out to AAA Bail Bonds of Michigan. We offer expert bail bond services throughout Michigan and are happy to help come up with an affordable payment plan. To learn more, or to request a Michigan bail bond, give us a call at the location nearest you.

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