How to get a Late Night Bail Bond

How to get a Late Night Bail BondWhen it comes to posting bail for a loved one there is a good chance that you will need to do so during a time that is not within the normal 9 am to 5 pm grind. Truth is, most arrests happen late at night/early in the morning, which means you'll likely be woken up by a call if your friend or relative reaches out to you to post their bail. While this isn't a phone call anyone ever wants to receive, it is important you act on their request. By posting a person's bail you are allowing them the freedom they need and deserve as they await their upcoming court date. Nobody should have to sit in a cell any longer than necessary. Here is how you can get your loved one bailed out any time of the day or night.

Find a 24 hour bail bond company

The first thing you will need to do is find a bail bond company that operates around the clock. Honestly, this task shouldn't be too difficult as many of these business do operate on a 24 hour schedule. However, there are other attributes to look for to ensure an easy bail experience. Make sure the bail bondsman offers numerous payment options and payment plans, insists on no hidden fees and offers the lowest bail rates allowed.

How to contact a bail bond company after normal business hours

Once you have located a bail bond company that you believe will provide excellent customer service day or night you'll want to reach out to them. There are usually two ways to contact a bail bond representative that truly offers day and night service, by phone or on the Internet.

  • 24 hour bail bond phone line - For the fastest service it is best to call the bail bond agency. This will ensure that they get started on your needs right away, without any delays or disruptions, ensuring the fastest release of your loved one.
  • Online bail bond request - Another option is to use an online request form, which not all bail bond companies offer, but it should be an option for you. Check the website of a qualified bail bond agency to see if they provide this option. Only the highest quality bail agencies will list a contact form right on their homepage.

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