How to Know if You Should Post Bail for Someone

How to Know if You Should Post Bail for SomeoneThere is a tough question that gets asked thousands of times a day across the US. That question is, "Can you bail me out of jail?" It's a strange call to get, especially if it is from a loved one you never thought would end up in a situation like this. So how do you know if you can trust this person enough to post bail for them? There are a few things to look for in a person, as it is important to remember that you not only need to put the money up now to begin the bail process, you will also be financially reliable for them in regard to anything related to them skipping bail.

While posting bail is a very noble thing to do, you should only do it for people you can trust. Read through this information before deciding whether or not to post bail for the person placing that collect call.

How well do know this person?

Perhaps you get a call from someone you were close with many years ago, who has now found themselves in a bit of hot water. Can you base your decision off your past relationship or is it strange that they are even calling you at this point? Think hard about the person's motive for reaching out to you. Near and dear family members are likely to be sincere in their request for help.

Can this person be trusted?

More importantly you must be able to trust a person. Even if you know a person very well, such as a family member, it doesn't mean they don't have ill-intentions once released from custody. Be sure you can trust this person to make it to all their upcoming court dates.

Is this person currently housed?

It has been observed that people released from prison that do not have a house to return to are less likely to appear in court. When posting bail for someone make sure they have a place to go when set free and that you will be able to keep tabs on them.

Are they regularly employed?

A person who jumps from job to job or has no job is less likely to make it to court than someone who is gainfully employed.

Will they take responsibility for their actions?

Perhaps the most important thing to consider is if this person will take responsibility for their actions and show up in court. Ask yourself if you believe they will and ask them directly when they make that phone call from inside the jail asking for your help.

If you do need to post bail in Michigan reach out to AAA Bail Bond Agency. Our dedicated bail bond agents are available 24/7 and we can help you decide if posting bail is the right thing to do or not. Give us a call at the location nearest you to learn more about posting bail in Michigan.

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