Don't Make These Mistakes When Posting Bail as a Defendant

Don't Make These Mistakes When Posting Bail as a DefendantBeing arrested can be extremely scary and stressful, but it is important to remain calm, especially if you want to get out of jail fast. If, like most people, you can't afford you bail amount, posting bond is generally your best option. When deciding to use a bail bond it is important that you don't make some of the following common mistakes, as they can cost you time, money and even result in more charges.

Lie to the Court

As the court sets your bail, you may be asked several questions. It is important that you are honest during this period, as lying could affect your bail amount, result in bail denial, or even bring new charges, such as lying to the court. Always be truthful when asked about your current employment, living situation and other questions they may ask.

Waiting to Post Bail

If you were arrested in the middle of the night, you may think that you need to wait until morning to begin the bail process. This isn't so. As soon as you're given a chance to make a phone call, reach out to a bail bond company or to a friend or loved one who can contact a bail agency for you. A quality bail bond company will be available 24/7 to post bail, ensuring you get out as fast as possible.

Ask the Wrong Person to Co-Sign a Bond

As mentioned above, you will likely need to ask a friend or loved one to connect with a bail agency to post bail for you. It is important that you reach out to someone you can truly trust, but also that is currently employed and has a permanent residence. They will also need government-issued identification to secure the bond.

Using an Inexperienced Bail Bond Company

It is important to seek out a bail bond agency that has experience and knowledge of the industry to ensure that you are released as soon as possible. While there are likely numerous agencies in your area, find one that is highly rated and follows all legal processes to issue bail bonds.

If you need to post bail in Detroit or throughout Michigan, reach out to AAA Bail Bond Agency. Our team of expert bail bond agents will help you get out of jail fast! Give AAA Bail Bond Agency a call at (586) 501-8944 to learn more about posting bail or to request a bail bond in Michigan!

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