5 Misdemeanors that Commonly Require Bail

5 Misdemeanors that Commonly Require BailIf a friend or family member calls you up in need of help with bail, you'll want to act quickly to secure their release. While misdemeanor charges aren't the most serious, they can easily lead to lost employment if your loved one has to remain behind bars for a significant period of time after being arrested. This is why it's important to get in touch with a reputable bail bond agent who knows how to secure the fastest release possible. The sooner that your loved one gets out from behind bars, the more likely it is that they'll keep their job and maintain some sense of normalcy in their domestic life. Here's a look at five common misdemeanors that often require bail to be posted.

Petty Theft

In Michigan, when the value of the stolen goods is less than $200, then the charge is misdemeanor larceny, also referred to as "petty theft."

Disorderly Conduct

These charges could result from a variety of circumstances, such as being drunk and disorderly while in public. If you're flagrantly disrupting the general peace in a reckless manner, then such charges could ensue.

Simple Assault

In Michigan, you don't even have to make contact with someone to end up with simple assault charges. A swing and a miss can still qualify you for this misdemeanor.

Indecent Exposure

Oftentimes, this type of charge is the result of relieving oneself while out in public. Even if you were in an alleyway or somewhere seemingly out of the public's view, you could still end up facing these embarrassing charges.

Criminal Trespass

A property owner can still press criminal trespass charges even if it doesn't seem like you're doing anything malicious on the premises.

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Posted: June 17, 2020

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