Important Steps during the Bail Process

Important Steps during the Bail ProcessIf a friend or family member suddenly finds themselves in jail, you could be the person they call for assistance with bail. In such a scenario, it's important that you secure the fastest release possible, which will give your loved one the best chance to keep their job and maintain some sense of normalcy in their domestic life. If you've never before helped with bailing someone out of jail, then you could benefit from a consultation with an experienced bail bond agent who can answer all of your questions. Here's a look at five steps of the bail-posting process.


When a law enforcement officer determines they have sufficient reason to suspect a person of breaking the law, they can then detain them and bring them in for processing. At this point, the suspect is photographed, provided a booking number, and escorted to their jail cell.


During arraignment, the defendant appears before the judge, who formally announces the charges and bail amount. In some cases, the bail amount is pre-set to correspond to the charges that are brought forth. In particularly serious cases, the judge may deny bail if the defendant is determined to be a flight risk or public safety threat.

Use a Bail Bond to Secure Release

After the bail amount has been set, the defendant can be released when the funds are put up. To ensure that your loved one is released as quickly as possible, you'll want to make sure you choose an experienced agent who knows how to secure the fastest release possible. Usually, for bail release to occur, you'll have to pay somewhere between 10 and 15 percent of the full bail amount.

Court Appearances

It's of great importance that your loved one shows up on time to all court dates. Otherwise, a warrant could be issued and you could end up being responsible for a significant chunk of change.

The Verdict

Your loved one will be immediately freed upon an innocent verdict or an acquittal. With a guilty verdict, they'll either be sent straight to jail or told when to report to start serving their term.

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Posted: September 16, 2020

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