How to Find a Great Bail Bond Agency

How to Find a Great Bail Bond AgencyWhen you learn that a friend or loved one has been arrested, you may not know what to do right away, but posting bail is likely to come to mind. Chances are though, that youíve never had to post bail before. Unfortunately, there is a first time for just about everything. A quick Google search will likely show that you have many options for agencies that will post bail for your loved one in your community. However, if you are searching for a bail agency that can provide fast and discreet service you will want to ensure that they have the following qualities.

Low Rates

It is important to find out what the rates are that the company you are interested in using offers. They may advertise low rates, but what is low to one company may be high to another. For this reason always find out what their actual numerical rate is, or if possible, see if they will provide you with a quote for filing a bail bond. In most cases a bail bond should be about 10 % of the total bail amount.

Flexible Payment Options

Posting bail isnít something that people generally budget for. For this reason it is important that the bail bond agency you use can work with your particular financial situation to ensure that their services are attainable.

24/7 Bail Bond Service

Most arrests donít happen during the 9 to 5 work day. For this reason it is important to be able to get in touch with the bail agency any time day or night so that they can answer your questions or start the bail bond process.

Offers the Bail Bond You Need

Most importantly it is important that the bail bond agency you choose can handle the particular case of the defendant by offering a variety of bail bond services, including:

  • DUI Bail Bond - A bond necessary for posting bail for a person arrested for driving under the influence.
  • Felony Bail Bond - A person that has been arrested on a serious felony charge will require a felony bail bond in order to be released.
  • Misdemeanor Bail Bond - Some charges only bring a misdemeanor charge.

If you need to post bail in Detroit or elsewhere in Michigan reach out to AAA Bail Bond Agency. Our team of qualified bail agents can provide complete bail services, and we offer all of the above. To learn more bout our team or to request a bail bond in Detroit or throughout the state of Michigan give us a call at the location nearest you.

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