Top Three Ways to Make Bail

Top Three Ways to Make BailFollowing an arrest a person will remain in jail until they are arraigned. The purpose of arraignment is to advise the defendant of the charges they are facing and so they can learn the bail amount that will get them released prior to their court dates. The amount of the bail can vary greatly and will depend on area laws where they were arrested, as well their criminal record, flight risk and their potential threat to society. The following are the three most common ways a person can be released on bail in the US.

PR Bond

The first type of bond is generally only allotted to first time offenders who have been not been charged with a violent crime. It's called a personal recognizance bond. This form of a bond indicates that the court will release the defendant on their good will that they'll appear in court at the scheduled time and not commit any crimes while out on bond.

Cash Bail Bond

The second way to get someone out of jail on bail is to pay the full bond amount in cash (or in some cases, collateral). Doing this means that a person puts up all of the money for the defendant's bond, which can be in the tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars or more depending on the crime. In most scenarios, once the case has been resolved in a court of law the person who put up the money for the bond will get it back, minus any administration costs.

Surety Bail Bond

The most common way to get a person out on bond is called a surety bond, more commonly known simply as a bail bond. This is a bond in which a third party agrees to assume responsibility for the defendant appearing in court throughout their trial. A nonrefundable fee of around 10 percent of the total bail amount must be paid to a bail agency, at which point they will issue the bond.

Surety bail bonds are a simple and quick method of getting a loved one released from jail. If you are in need of a surety bail bond in Detroit or throughout Michigan contact AAA Bail Bond Agency of Michigan. We're available 24/7 to post bail in Michigan. Give us a call at the location nearest you to get started right away.

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