How Can I Pay for Bail?

How Can I Pay for Bail?If you recently found out that someone you care about has been locked up you may be curious as to how you get them out. If a person is not bailed out of jail they will remained locked up throughout their trial period, which could be weeks, months or even more. By posting bail for someone you are allowing them to be released prior to their court dates. This allows them to find an attorney as well as get their life in order before the trial and prepare for what the outcome may be. So how can you pay for bail? There are a few different ways.

Full Cash Amount

When a person is arrested a bail amount will be placed on their case depending on the charges against them. This amount can vary greatly depending on the crime. It could be a few hundred dollars to as high as million dollars or more. In order to post their bail you need to provide the full bail amount to the court system.

As long as the defendant appears at each and every court appearance this money will be returned to you. However, not many people have the thousands of dollars necessary to post a full bail amount.

Use a Bail Bond

By using a bail bond to post bail you only need to pay a small one time fee of about 10 percent of the total bail amount. At that point the defendant can be released thanks to the dutiful work of the bail bond agency. The best part is that may bail agencies will provide you with a number of payment options for their fee, as they understand it is not likely that you budgeted to have to post someone's bail.

  • Credit Card Bail Bond - A common way to post bail is to use a credit card. This way you can continue paying on your card on its terms and not have to worry about another monthly payment.
  • Cash Bail Bond - Bail bond agencies are happy to accept cash for their fees. This is the easiest means of paying for a bail bond.
  • Collateral Bail Bond - In some cases, generally high dollar bail amount cases, bail agencies will request collateral as insurance that the defendant will make it to court.
  • Payment Plans - Some bail agencies can provide you with a payment plan so that you can make affordable payments each month.

Using a bail bond to post bail is a very affordable option, especially when the bail agency works with you to find a payment option that is best for you. To learn more about using a bail bond in Detroit or throughout Michigan reach out to AAA Bail Bond Agency of Michigan. We post bail throughout the state. Give us a call day or night at (586) 501-8944 and we'll be glad to help you post bail in Michigan.

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