What are the responsibilities of a bail bond indemnitor?

What are the responsibilities of a bail bond indemnitor?If your friend or family member has found themselves on the wrong side of a jail cell, it might fall on your shoulders to help bail them out. When you co-sign on a bail bond, you become the indemnitor. As the indemnitor, you take on a degree of financial risk to secure your loved one's fast release. By securing a rapid bail release, you'll give your loved one the best chance possible to maintain professional and personal stability. When you need a bail bond, make sure you work with an agent who knows how to secure the fastest release possible. Here's a look at four important responsibilities if you cosign on a bail bond.

Pay Up-Front Costs

To get the bail process started, you need to pay the initial fees. The amount you pay will be in accordance with the full amount that has been established by the judge. Generally, felonious charges carry higher bail amounts than misdemeanor ones. In some instances, such as when the defendant is considered a flight risk, the judge might not offer bail.

Monitor Defendant's Location

As the indemnitor, one of your bigger responsibilities will be to keep tabs on the defendant's whereabouts. If needed, you'll want to try to arrange stable housing for them. A transient living situation could make it more likely that your loved one fails to appear at court date, which could put them in serious legal trouble, while you could take a financial hit.

Ensure Defendant Attends Every Court Date

It is supremely important that the defendant shows up to every court date in a timely fashion. Otherwise, there could be steep legal and financial consequences. If your loved one doesn't have a car, make sure they have a transit plan for getting to their court date on time.

Potentially Pay Full Bail Cost

In the event that your loved slips out of town and can't be located, then you could be stuck with major bail expenses. At the point, you risk forfeiture of any possessions/property that were used as collateral.

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Posted: November 18, 2020

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