What Happens After an Arrest?

What Happens After an Arrest?The moment the cuffs click closed it is likely that the person being arrested is going to be thinking about how they can get out of jail. In most situations, to get out a jail, a person is going to need to post bail. Before a person is allowed to do so though, a series of events must first occur. Here is the general process that follows a typical arrest. If you have any questions about posting bail for a loved one, don't hesitate to contact a professional bail bonds company in your community.


The initial arrest an be extremely scary. If you are placed under arrest it is imperative that you don't resist the officers. The more cooperative you are the better, but, on that note, you do not have to say anything or answer any questions without a lawyer present. You have rights, so don't let the officers trick you into talking.


After you're arrested you will be brought to a station for booking. The booking process is an administrative event during which the police will collect the suspect's personal information, photograph and fingerprints and evidence will be recorded. The suspect will be placed in a holding cell until further action is taken.

Bail Hearing and Post Bail

After the suspect is booked they will undergo a bail hearing or having a bail amount assigned to their case based on a bail schedule. Following this hearing, assuming the person is not denied bail, the suspect can be bailed out using cash or a bail bond. To post bail with a bond it is important that you work with a professional bail agency, as this will ensure the most affordable and quickest release of your loved one.


Once the person is released on bail they will still need to go through the court process. Court hearings and jury trials are used to determine a suspect's guilt or innocence. If a person out on bail misses a court hearing a warrant for their arrest will be issued and they could be returned to jail, without the possibility of bail.

If someone you care about has been arrested be sure to contact a bail bond agency to get them out. If you need to post bail in Michigan reach out to AAA Bail Bonds. We service Detroit, Milton Township, Grand Rapids and communities throughout Michigan. To learn more or to request a bail bond in Michigan give us a call at the location nearest you.

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