What occurs during the arrest and bail process?

When a loved one lands on the wrong side of a jail cell, you may be asked to help with bailing them out. If you've never before dealt with the arrest and bail process, then you might have some questions and concerns about how it all works. At AAA Bail Bond Agency, we're available for free consultations so that you can be sure you feel fully comfortable with the process before making any kind of financial commitment. Our local bail bond agents know how to secure the fastest release possible, which will give your loved one the best chance of keeping their job. A fast release will also make life much easier for their children or anyone else who is under their care. Feel free to contact us to make sure you know what exactly happens throughout the arrest and bail process.


When a police officer has reason to believe that someone has broken the law, an arrest is made. The suspect is then taken into custody and driven to the jail for processing, after which they'll be taken to their cell. At the arraignment, the judge will officially declare the charges against the defendant, and will also establish the bail amount. There are some extreme cases in which the defendant will be denied bail. However, in most situations bail will be an option.

Use Bail Bond to Secure Fast Release

Once the judge has set the bail amount, you'll want to get in touch with an experienced bail bond agent so that your loved one can be bailed out as quickly as possible. The sooner the release is secured, the sooner your loved one can return to taking care of themselves and their dependents. The cost for a "surety" bond with a bail bond agency in Michigan is typically around 10% of the full bail amount. If you have a lot of cash on hand, you may be able to just pay the court their amount directly. But if you need a flexible payment plan, then you'll probably need to use an agency.

Court Appearances and Verdict

It's crucial that your loved one appears on-time to all scheduled court appearances. If they skip out on bail, you could end up on the hook for a significant chunk of change. Once a verdict is reached in the case, your loved one will either be immediately released, sent directly to a cell, or told to report to serve their sentence at a later date.

Bail Bonds in Clinton Township, MI

When you need a bail bond, contact AAA Bail Bond Agency at (586) 501-8944. Our nearby bail bond agents know how to secure the fastest release possible. Feel free to give us a call today to ask any questions that you have about the bail-posting process!

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Posted: June 20, 2021

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