Is Posting Bail the Right Thing to Do?

Is Posting Bail the Right Thing to Do?Getting a phone call from the county jail asking for help posting bail can be a heart wrenching experience. It is painful to know that someone you care about has been locked up. After being asked to help with their release you likely have many questions surrounding the process. For many, one of the first things they consider is if they can actually trust the person to take responsibility once released. It is important that you can trust them, because if you can't you may be left with a large fee. In order to make the best call as to whether or not you should bail someone out of jail on your dime just answer these simple questions.

Do you really know this person?

If you get a phone call from an "old friend" that you haven't talked to in awhile be weary of their ways. It is important that you know a person well enough to make a solid judgement as to whether or not they'll appear in court once released.

Can you trust this person?

While you may be very familiar with a person, be they a friend or family member, you may still have issues with trust. What is their criminal history? If you feel they are an honest person who made an honest mistake the right thing to do in their time of need is post bail.

Is this person housed?

Couch surfers and other people who tend to jump from house to house looking for places to crash are found to more likely not show up for their scheduled court date. If you can't keep tabs on a person's whereabouts be cautious in your consideration.

What is their work history?

You can make smart assumptions about a person based on their work history. If they remain unemployed for long amounts time or jump from job to job it may not be in your best interest to take on the financial responsibility of their bail.

Will they take responsibility?

The most important thing to consider is the person's morals. Sometimes people run into trouble and just need a little help. You can provide them support by offering them a chance at freedom as they get their situation taken care of.

Remember, the biggest obligation the person you're bailing out has is that they must go to all of their court dates. Ask yourself if the person you're bailing out will do that. If you need more information about posting bail in Detroit, contact AAA Bail Bond Agency of Michigan. Our team posts bail throughout the state! We will be happy to help during this time, just give us a call at (586) 501-8944 to post bail in Michigan.

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