Why Should I Post Bail for a Loved One?

Why Should I Post Bail for a Loved One?It is not a phone call that anyone wants to receive, but there is a chance, at some point in your life you will be asked to post bail for somebody. Your first reaction may be anger or you may suddenly despise the person asking for your help. "How could they end up like this?" you ask yourself. The thing is, people make mistakes. When they do, and if they've been arrested, they often call on the people they love the most to help them get things straightened out. Posting bail isn't only about getting out of the cell, it provides the defendant opportunities to better themselves throughout the pre-trial and trial process. Here is why you should say, "Yes, I'll post your bail" if a love one calls you from jail.

They can seek proper legal help

When someone is in jail it can be difficult to get in contact with a lawyer who will properly handle their case. By being out of the cell they can meet with their lawyer on a regular basis in order to prepare the best possible court case. This will give them the greatest chance to be found innocent or receive a minor sentence.

They can continue working

If a person is locked up there's no way for them to keep working or going to school. This means they will likely get fired or fail to graduate from their program. When released on bail they can continue these things. They are also able to make arrangements for during the trial or afterwards, should the outcome look rather bleak.

Bail allows them to prepare for life after trial

Many people have bills, mortgages, kids, pets and other people and things that they need to arrange to be taken care of if they believe that they will be spending some amount of time in jail. These things are hard to setup if you are locked in a jail cell.

They have a right to walk free

Innocent until proven guilty, that's how the saying goes, right? Yes, but unfortunately you often have to pay a fee to walk free these days, while they try to prove you guilty. It is a person's constitutional right to walk out of jail on bail.

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