Type of Bails in Clinton Township, MI

Type of Bails in Clinton Township, MI There are several types of bonds that allow a person to get out of jail. At AAA Bail Bond Agency of Michigan we can assist you in finding the best bail option for your situation. As a Michigan bail bond business it is our mission to get your loved one released from jail fast. To learn more about the different types of bail bonds read on, and if you have any questions or if you need to post bail in Detroit be sure to give us a call.

Cash Bond - A cash bond requires an individual to pay the complete bail amount in cash. The court holds the money until the case has been concluded, at which point the full cash amount, minus any court fees, is returned to the payee. If the defendant does not show in court the cash is forfeited to the courts.

Surety Bond - A surety bond, more commonly known as a bail bond, is a contract between a bail bond agency and a guarantor, who generally pays a one time, non-refundable fee of about 10 percent of the total bail amount for the bail agency to put up a bond for the full bail amount.

Property Bond - In some circumstances an individual may use property as collateral against the bail amount. This means that the court will record a lien on the property to secure the bail amount in the event that the defendant skips court.

OR Bond - An own recognizance bond, also known as a personal recognizance bond, is a bond in which the person is released from jail without any financial security to ensure they show up for court. This is most often granted to first time offenders of non violent crimes.

Criminal Summons - A criminal summons is effectively a citation issued by an arresting officer to an arrestee that informs the arrestee that they must appear in court. Generally there is no financial security tied to this type of summons.

Setting & Paying Bail - Bail amounts are generally set by a judge or other court officials. It is based on the crime(s) a defendant is suspected of committing, any criminal history and other particulars of the case. Bail can also be set based on a general bail schedule.

THE RIGHT OF THE SURETY & BAIL AGENT TO PURSUE A PRINCIPAL WHO HAS FLED: The surety (and through it, the bail agent) in a bail bond has the right to turn its principal (the defendant) over to the Court (via law enforcement) at any time and, to this end, may pursue and seize him wherever they may find him, even if he is in another state.

More plainly, the bail agent or surety may cancel the bail at any time and turn the defendant in if necessary (e.g., the defendant has left his job, cannot be located, or is reported to be planning flight.)

By common law, the surety may arrest a defendant who has failed to appear at any time and in any place. This arrest is legally considered a continuation of the original custody and has been likened by the U.S. Supreme Court (Taylor v. Taintor 16 Wall, 366) to the re-arrest of an escaped prisoner by the Sheriff. In the same case, the Court also related that bail was intended to transfer custody from the Sheriff to the surety, not to discharge the defendant from custody entirely.

More plainly, the bail agent may use forcible entry and is not required to have a warrant or court order to do so.

The Supreme Court has also ruled that "Bail has no power to arrest the principal in a foreign country." (Reese v. S. 9 Wall, 13).

The surety and its bail agent may empower any person of suitable age to arrest a defendant (usually by providing written authority on a certified copy of the certificate of deposit.)

In summary, bail agents have more powers than states do in pursuing and arresting principals (defendants). Bail agents do not need warrants or extradition proceedings as states do.

Criminal Summons in Clinton Township, MI To learn more about the different types of available bail bonds in Detroit be sure to contact AAA Bail Bond Agency of Michigan. Our agents are available 24/7 to assist with any needs regarding bail in Michigan or throughout the United States. Give us a call at (586) 501-8944 to get started right away.


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