What is the Difference Between a walk through bail bonds?

You must have already heard of the walk-through bails and bonds. Usually, people mistake it to be the same thing as these two terms are used interchangeably. But in reality, they are completely distinct in legal terms. 

However, if you ever get stuck in a situation or someone you know has been, it is important to comprehend the distinctions between them. 

Nevertheless, let’s walk through bails and bonds to find out what they actually mean so that it does not become difficult to make the right choice. 

Understanding the Difference Between Bail and Bonds

The following table created below will help you to understand the difference between bails and bonds. Going through the differences will help you to make the right decision as per your situation.

What is Bail?What is Bond? 
Bails are only of one type. Bonds are of four types. 
Bail is the sum of money that the defendant must hand up to the court.A bond is the bondsman’s promise to uphold the bail amount in the event that the defendant fails to show up.
The mode of payment accepted is only through cash In the bond, the third party consents to take on the defendant’s debt and obligations when it comes to the payment.
If all court conditions are met, the bail money will be refunded at the conclusion of the trial.There will be no refund of fees paid for services.
Bails are considered to be secured Bonds are also considered to be secured
Bails are cheaper options to consider. Bonds are not cheaper than bails.

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